Hello World

Who are you?

'Pænt goddag' (Danish greeting). My name is Niclas Moeslund Overby. You can find me on IRC as noverby and Matrix as @noverby:matrix.org. GNOME/Linux have been my daily driver for 7 years and I follow every blog from GNOME and Fedora planet, so I feel heavily invested in FOSS ecosystem. I know GNOME contributor Bastian Ilsø from my participation in Open Source Aalborg, where we had a weekly meet-up with workshops and talks all about Open Source.

In the summer 2017, I completed a bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Aalborg University. I’m currently studying Mathematics and Economics in Aarhus University. My long term plan is to take a master of computer engineering in Aarhus University.

In my spare time I enjoy consuming strange movies, old-school literature and technology/politics blogs.

I volunteer in DaBUF (Organization that organizes social cinema for children and youth), where I’m part for main board. I'm also a member of the Danish Social Liberal Youth Party, where we have weekly meet-ups with talks and workshops and occasionally some other larger events.

All the projects I have worked on during my education and spare time are hosted on github: https://github.com/prozum

Google Summer of Code

I was fortunate enough to be selected for participation in GSoC 2018. My mentor is the Meson maintainer Jussi Pakkanen. The goal is to add support for language specific package repositories in Meson. Focus will be on Maven and NuGet for relatively JVM and .Net languages package repositories. This will make Meson a viable build system for some of the languages, where language specific package repositories are essential.

I look forward to becoming an active contributer to the FOSS community!